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So if you want to find out how much money you can make with your computer, well, you are going to want to do is go to So you will see right here, profitability calculator through nice hash. You can click on that. This is going to bring you to this page right here. You get auto-detect the hardware. If you have no clue what CPU and what GPU you have, you can download this, run it, and it’ll automatically enter what CPU and GPU you have or you can come here to enter hardware manually if you don’t want to download anything if you already know what you have.

mining calculator

You can see here the currency, whatever currency you want. Either way, your electricity costs, we’re going to keep this the same. And you can see you can add devices here, so you can add CPUs and GPUs.

mining parametrs

So for instance, my bigger computer, I have two computers. I have one with an i9 10900K, and I have one with an RTX ROG 3080 and we can click that. We can click calculate. You will be seeing off this I am making almost $8 a day. And then down here, you should see the profit because it breaks it down through income, electricity costs, and your profit. So you can see in one month, I’m making about $265.

mining profit

Now I have two computers, like I told you, so we can add another two devices. I’ll add my i7 9700K, and then we will add 2070 because that is my other less powerful computer and then we can calculate them together. And you can see, I’ll be earning about $11.27. Keep in mind, this is an approximation. It can go up. It can go down, but you can see here a day after electricity costs, we’re talking $11.27, just under $100 a week and almost $400 a month. Again, this is an approximation. And what this is not taking into account is the Bitcoin going up in price.

score params
profit scrore

How much money you can make with your computer? Bitcoin right now is at I believe $53,000 – $53,500 somewhere in that area, but $53,000 – $54,000. So let’s say a Bitcoin doubles. If I just hold onto this, that almost $400 a month turns into almost $800. So not only can you mine this and you could instantly sell it and this is what you can make. But you could hold onto it.

And if you hold onto it, the chances of you making more and more money is obviously pretty high, especially during this bull run that we’re in right now. So realistically, I personally am not selling this. I’m going to hold onto all of my Bitcoin that I mine personally. Again, you don’t have to, but I am going to hold onto it towards the end of the bull run and then liquidate it then. But, this is just a super easy, simple way to know how much money you could potentially make off of this.

Now, even if you don’t have a crazy computer, let’s say you have something like a… I have a i5 9600K and let’s say you had a 2060 right. A decent computer that can handle the majority of things. Let’s see how much he could possibly be making $2.50 a day / $90 a month for doing nothing. And this is a mid-tier computer. I mean, that’s incredible. Absolutely incredible.


So again, if you want to see how much money you can make – go to hash profitability calculator. I have been mining for less than three days. I got to my rig manager. I’ve been mining for less than three days and I am already at $30.

profit account

And my unpaid balance here, how much I currently have in my wallet. Again, this fluctuates with the price of Bitcoin and my profitability right now, this constantly, constantly changes from anywhere from $7 all the way up to $20. So it obviously goes through and changes over time. But yeah, this is just basically a way to figure out how much you can make and essentially free money if you have a computer that can run this program.

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